For the adventurer, there are four Pilbara Mountains you can climb whilst on your journey through the area, Mt Nameless Jarndunmunha, Mt Meharry, Mt Bruce and Mt Sheila, which are some of the highest mountains in WA. To view a map with the location of the 4 Mountains and how to get there see the Karijini map

Destination WA were recently in the Pilbara and produced a story about these tallest mountains, see it below:


About Mount Bruce…

Read this fantastic blog supplied by The Wandering Steels – about their hike up Mount Bruce!

About Mount Nameless…

The peak of Mount Nameless/Jarndunmunha stands 1128 metres above sea level, and from the lookout there are sweeping views across the Hammersley Ranges, the town of Tom Price and the iron ore mining operations.

Jarndunmunha is the largest of several prominent hills within the area of what is now Tom Price. Jarndunmunha is culturally important to Eastern Guruma people, and is associated with a sacred narrative that describes the activities of two girls and their dingo who travelled up the hill. The two girls turned to stone on the mountain. The song for Jarndunmunha is still sung by Eastern Guruma Elders and Traditional Owners.

It’s the second highest accessible mountain by four wheel drive in Western Australia and offers all of the rewards of a spectacular mountain view without the hike! When driving to the summit, low range 4WD is required.

You can also hike to the summit – a walking trail starts from the base of Mount Nameless at back of the Tom Price Speedway track. Allow 3 hours for the return hike.

Reaching the Top of Mount Nameless Jarndunmunha – a must do signature experience for Tom Price. The mountain is located approximately 4kms from town, it is the highest accessible peak by vehicle in Western Australia and offers spectacular panoramic views of the township, Rio Tinto Iron Ore Mine and the surrounding Hamerseley ranges.

The drive is approximately 30 minutes and is accessible by 4WD only. A challenging walk from the base of the mountain is approximately a 3 hour return hike.

Most spectacular 360 views from one of the tallest mountains of WA (1,128 metres).