Karijini Gorges

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Visiting Karijini National Park you’ll enter a landscape shaped over 2,500 million years. Flowing water has created spectacular gorges and opened up walking routes deep into the surface. The result is one of Australia’s most spectacular National Parks – it’s a place packed with adventures and jaw-dropping scenery.

There are many sites to visit on your trip including Weano, Hancock, Dales and Joffre gorges – to get an idea of the scale of the park you should first head to Oxer Lookout.

Oxer Lookout

From the viewing platform at Oxer Lookout you’ll see the enormity of what’s on offer in the park. The lookout is at the junction of four gorges and offers a panorama unlike any other.

Weano Gorge

Follow easy circular walking trails around Weano Gorge and you’ll marvel at the banded strata of iron that runs deep into the narrow gorge. The gorges become very narrow in places, creating walking passages – the circular walks are suited to most people, but if you’re looking for a little more adventure you’ll want to scramble your way down to Handrail Pool.

Hancock Gorge

A straight descent into the centre of the earth. You can of course just walk to the top of the ladder and view the magnificent scenery, or you can carefully climb down the ladder into the stunning rock pools to be seen in the gorge’s narrow chambers below.  Take care at all times and follow the directional signage.

Red Gorge

This is a gorge for adventurers! While you can see it from Oxer Lookout, getting access is tricky. You can reach the gorge from Knox, Joffre or Hancock gorges but you’ll need to be with a qualified guide.

Joffre Gorge

It’s here you’ll get to see the most dramatic effects of millions of years of water erosion. Rock steps lead you to a lookout and views of where an incredible curved waterfall has formed a circular amphitheatre. Follow the marked route to the bottom of the waterfall – which is usually dry – and further to the first of the pools.

Dales Gorge

Home to three of Karijini’s highlights – Fortescue Falls, Circular Pool & Fern Pool. The Dales Campground means you can set up camp and explore the park over a couple of days.

For more viewing points and gorges to visit check out Karijini National Park

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